Reimagined Furniture

Furniture reimagined by us at Everora to give it a Disney twist.

Bee Winnine the Pooh Dressing Table and Bedside Cabinet reimagined by Everora.

Matching dressing table and bedside in cream with Winne The Pooh decoupage on the tops and drawers. Complimented with golden bee drawer knobs and gold feet.

Reimagined Bee Winnie the Pooh bedroom set – SOLD

Elegant plant stand reimagined by Everora with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

elegant plant stand painted in white, with a different Alice in Wonderland decoupage on the top and bottom shelf.

Reimagined Alice in Wonderland Plant Stand – SOLD

Set of tables reimagined by Everora with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Three matching tables painted in white, each with a different Alice in Wonderland decoupage on the top.

Reimagined Alice in Wonderland Tables – SOLD

Solid pine desk with chair reimagined by Everora with a bee theme.

Pine desk painted in blue with blue and gold honeycomb decoupage, gold detailing and gold bee drawer knobs. The chair also comes with a ‘bee happy’ cushion.

Reimagined Bee Themed Desk – SOLD

Three drawer chest of drawers reimagined by Everora with an elephant theme.

Wooden chest with three drawers painted in a muted pink, with gold legs and elephant drawer knobs.

Reimagined Elephant Themed Chest of Drawers – SOLD

Solid Pine Bedside Drawers reimagined by Everora with a Tangled theme.

Tangled Bedside 3 Drawer Side

Solid pine three drawer beside cabinet in three shades of purple, complementing handles and the Tangled sun on top.

Reimagined Tangled Bedside Drawers – £60

Handmade cabinet reimagined by Everora with a Mermaid theme.

Painted in a lavender blaze (pinky purple) with mermaid vibes on the decoupaged top and shelf with a little seahorse door knob.

Reimagined Mermaid Themed Cabinet – £40

Storage blanket box reimagined by Everora with a Tinkerbell theme.

Painted in a dreamy blue with white interior inspired by daydreams of Neverland, a little pixie dust was added on top with the colourful Tinkerbell pattern.

Reimagined Tinkerbell Themed Blanket Box – SOLD

Pine coffee table reimagined by Everora with a Mickey Mouse theme.

The solid pine coffee table was finished in contemporary white to compliment the monochrome Mickey Mouse pattern added to the bottom shelf. A classic piece to honour the original Disney character.

Reimagined Mickey Mouse Themed Monochrome Coffee Table – Sold

Whimsical reimagined queen flamingo solid pine Ducal corner tv unit inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Bring a touch of whimsy to your living room with our Alice in Wonderland inspired corner TV unit. A solid pine Ducal unit that has been reimagined in cream with queen flamingo decoupage on the door fronts. To add to the theme the key used to open the door has a ‘drink me’ key ring attached.

Reimagined Queen Flamingo Corner TV Unit – Sold

Reimagined Vintage Mickey Mouse Themed Bookcase

Bedside cabinet reimagined by Everora with inspiration from Beauty and the Beast.

Finished in a classic linen colour on the main body of the cabinet and a dark brown top makes it feel like it belongs in Beasts castle in France. The drawer has been lined with a stunningly beautiful rose and crown patterned paper to add to the romance. While the Beauty and the Beast theme is continued with enchanted rose style drawer knobs.

Reimagined Beauty and the Beast Inspired Bedside Cabinet – Sold

Additional information:
All our reimagined furniture is painted with environmentally friendly low VOCs paint. We finish with a high quality top coat to protect from marks and spills.

We endeavour to finish our reimagined furniture to as high a standard as possible, but they have been loved before and so can sometimes have minor marks, ie: small blemishes, dinks or brush marks and natural wood imperfections, but this just adds to the charm and character of the piece, if you prefer your items to have a perfect finish then this may not be for you.